We have only had our daughter's saddle less than an hour but it was love at first sight for her! She just turned 6 and she's not the easiest to fit in a saddle, but the fenders were perfect for her! It's too dark to put on her horse tonight but we are excited to see how it fits! Beautiful and well made saddle! The surprise hat really thrilled her too! the company is great to work with as well and it arrived faster than expected! We have one happy little girl right now! Thank you!
I purchased a team roper saddle back in December as my Christmas gift. I heard many great reviews on Corriente Saddles and decided to invest my money into one. I will say it's by far one of the BEST investments I've made. The saddle is super comfortable and fits not only me, but pretty much any horse I put it on. I have allowed my friends to ride in the saddle too and I get compliments on how comfortable it is. Not to mention how pretty it is too! I love the detail in the tooling, it really just sets off the saddle. I am a Corriente Saddle customer for life!
Great saddle! Fits/rides good and sharp looking!
Hands down the best saddle cant go wrong with a corriente saddle
Michelle messick
at Boyes Quarter Horses we sell start to finish performance horses. In 2012 Breanna ordered her first Corriente and 5 years later it still looks new. She currently ordered a second and third in her trailer , its the only saddle that we find fit us and all the horses that come and go in our place. We pair it with the Best Ever pads and nothing compares to it ! Great to Deal with and total customizations available . The new rigged stirrups on the barre saddles are a fav feature for starting colts. Thanks to Wade and crew. You have our full support! Our trailer even says it!
Breanna Boyes
I custom ordered my Corriente Association saddle about 4 years ago and it was the best decision I've ever made! It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden in even up to 8 hours a day in the saddle and the quality for the price you cannot go wrong! I've turned several people into Corriente lovers as well because I rave so much about mine and get so many compliments! I'll never buy or order another saddle from anyone else and the people at Corriente were amazing to work with!
Heather Stein
Hands down the best saddle I have ever sat in. I will never own anything different. Wade and the team are awesome to deal with! Can not wait to order my next one.
Paige Roseberry
I've been riding in mine for over a year now. Sure takes the aches out of a long day riding. Thanks again! Couldn't be happier!!
John Taylor
Hi! I wanted to share my experience with Corriente Saddle Co. saddles. I have purchased two barrel saddles for myself, one of which I ended up selling to my client when she was ready to get a saddle of her own, and I have a saddle for my kids. I have had quite a few horses come through our ranch for training, and my Corriente saddles have fit and performed very well on nearly every horse I've had it on. I've had little Arab mix horses, Tennessee Walkers, Quarter Horses, and even some big, 16.3+ hand warmbloods come through here, and I've had even sweat patterns on them all. I could not be happier with my Corrientes. I really love my barrel saddles when I'm starting colts because when I am going through the first saddlings, and have to throw the saddle on and off the horse so many times, it is heavy enough that the colt really gets the feel of carrying a saddle, but light enough that it doesn't slow me down in my training. The second most important aspect of any saddle is the way it seats a rider. My barrel saddle is very well balanced, allows close contact and feel between the horse and rider, and really allows you to 'ride the horse'. I've been in saddles with poorly designed trees that actually worked against the rider, either perching them too far forward or backward, forcing them to sit against the cantle, or just throwing off the riders' balance in general. Every rider I've put in my Corriente has enjoyed the saddle, and can feel how well it helps them to sit correctly. So much so that many of my clients end up getting saddles from Corriente as well. And the customer service with Corriente is wonderful. Any time I have called I have spoken with some truly kind and knowledgeable people, ready to answer any questions and happy to help their callers. I really can't say enough good things about the company.
Yvonne LaRoe
I love my barrel saddle and he loves the rope saddle I got him for Christmas! Both are the best saddles I've ever bought especially for the price!
Tiffany Neal