Importance of Saddle Fit

Saddle Tree Fit on Horses

Take a look as we set our trees on a few different horses backs. Take a look at what is under all the pretty leather to ensure a good fit.

With equine events getting tougher and the competition rising people are looking for an affordable saddle that is both comfortable for them and their horse. Saddles are handmade down to the tree which is why we use pine wood, covered in natural rawhide for exceptional strength, fit and durability. Dr. Sean Eastman, DVM of Twin Oaks Veterinary Clinic in Landrum, South Carolina is one of the most recognized large animal veterinarians in South Carolina. Dr. Eastman performed a study on ten saddles from ten different companies using thermographic technology to compare saddle fit on two different horses. Here are the results of Dr. Eastman's research.

 Dear Corriente Saddle Company,
I just want to pass on some really nice information for you. I did a saddle fitting with the new saddle I just received from you guys on Thursday, using the Thermography camera. This camera measures heat signature. So, on a saddle fitting, if the saddle is pinching the horse's back, in the spot where there is pinching occurring, there will be no heat. This is due to restriction of blood flow to that area. So on the camera, those spots actually show us as green or blue.

So, I put the saddle on both horses-- DJ, my 23 yr old QH gelding and Cocoa, my 13 yr old QH mare.

The process is this: I take a picture of the horse's back cold-- in other words before I saddle the horse. I then saddle the horse up, and ride like I am warming the horse prior to working. This takes about 15 minutes worth of riding. I then immediately bring the horse back into the barn, unsaddle, and take another picture of the horse's back warm. If the saddle fits properly, the picture taken by the camera should be a uniform red/yellow color over the horse's back. If there are blue spots or green spots, that is where the saddle is pinching the horse.

So, with the Corriente saddle, I did the test on both horses. Attached, you should find the images generated by the thermography camera. I think you will be pleased!

Picture #s 107, 109, 110, 111 are of DJ, my gelding. Picture #s 117, 118, 119, and 120 are of Cocoa. The saddle fits both horses very well, which makes the decision on what horse to ride with it that much harder!

Thanks again for a very nice saddle. Thanks again!

Sean Eastman, DVM

Twin Oaks Veterinary Clinic

Landrum, SC

DJ 23 Year Old Quarter Horse


Picture 107 Horse DJ 23 Year Old Horse

Picture 109 Horse DJ 23 Year Old Horse

Picture 110 Horse DJ 23 Year Old Horse

Picture 111 Horse DJ 23 Year Old Horse

Cocoa 13 Year Old Quarter Horse 


Picture 117 Horse Cocoa 13 Year Old Horse

Picture 118 Horse Cocoa 13 Year Old Horse

Picture 119 Horse Cocoa 13 Year Old Horse

Picture 120 Horse Cocoa 13 Year Old Horse