We Ride What We Build

Who Are We? Meet the Baize Family...

Wayne Baize

Wayne Baize place 3rd heeling for partner Woody Richins winning just over $55,000 at the Perry Di Loreto 2010One Day - "$1,000,000" 2010 Invitational Team Roping

Wayne Baize winning with Little Calvin Taylor at the Annual Cowboys for Cancer Roping 2016.

Wayne Baize heading for Clay O'Brien Cooper. 

Bobby Baize

Bobby Baize winning 3rd at "The Daddy of Them All" Cheyenne Frontier Days. Cheyenne, WY.

Bobby Baize (left) win picture with middle brother Bode Baize (right) in OPEN USTRC in San Carlos, AZ 2010.

Just an average day in the practice pen.

Bode Baize

Bode Baize winning first at the Lasso del Norte USTRC roping in Las Vegas New Mexico in 2012.

Bode Baize won three Yeti Coolers and a saddle at the USTRC Regional Finals 2016 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He won the Open, #15 incentive, #15 Shootout, #13 Shootout, #12 Shootout and was the high point Gold Plus member. He won every roping that day!

Bode Baize won three saddles and a trailer at the Working Man's World Championship Roping in Midland, Texas in 2014. 

Angela Baize

Angela winning the SWBRA Barrel Race in Albuquerque, NM. 

Angela (far left) winning the Triple Crown Barrel Race in Grants, NM.

Angela (far right) winning the SWBRA Barrel Race in Grants, NM.