Seat Options

Seat Colors Options

Chocolate     /   Black   /     Tobacco     /     Rust     /   Khaki   /     Navy Blue   /   Royal Blue    /   Turquoise    /    Red   /    Pink   /    Hot Pink   /    Purple   /    Green   /    Lime Green

Seat Styles

Full Seat

Available in Suede

Bicycle Seat 

Available in Suede

Inlaid Seat

Available in Suede

Hard Seat

Tooled Bicycle Seat

Tooled Bicycle Seat with Paint

Inlaid Tooled Seat

Inlaid Seat with  Buckstitch

Inlaid Tooled Seat with Tooling Around Top

Inlaid Tooled Seat Painted with Antique

Tooled Bicycle Seat with Running W Around Tooling

Suede Seat Stitching Options for Full Seats

Rainbow Stitching

White Stitching

Black Stitching

No Stitching

Imitation Elephant

The imitation elephant is leather that is embossed to look like elephant hide. These seats are comfortable to ride, durable and offer a little extra grip in the seat while riding. The texture and color of the seat  looks amazing on a horse as well. Please allow $50 to add this seat style to any saddle.

Examples of Imitation Elephant in Saddles