I have had my saddle on many horses and it always fits like a dream! I always gets compliments on it and have convinced my best friend to purchase one as well, my next one will be a barrel saddle for my colt!
I've had many Corrientes over the years. Some I've purchased and some I've won. I've used these saddles and used them hard. They have held up great and are super comfy. I've always had a good sweat pattern and have fit a variety of my horses very well. I will always have Corrientes in my tack room and trailer!
I have been using Corriente Saddles for 8 years now and I never had any issues! These saddles are very versatile and can be thrown on any horse’s back without fitting poorly. They hold you in place very well, especially when going around a barrel turn. The saddles are insanely durable and hold their value. Not to mention, the saddles are BEAUTIFUL! I love that you have the option to customize your saddle to your liking. I am very impressed with this company and plan on purchasing more saddles from them in the future!
Sophie Brakefield
My Corriente barrel saddle is awesome! Super durable and well made! VERY comfortable and LOVE the detail! Definitely the best saddle i’ve ever had! The affordable prices are also a huge plus!
Macy Preston
I now have two saddles from corrriente. A swell fork for riding colts and a slick fork for everyday work. They fit everything from my mustang to my draft cross. Long days on the ranch or long days in the mountains either way I'm comfortable and so is my horse. My daughter also rides one and my younger daughter is about to get her one.
Kyle G Porter
Going on 4 years now since I custom ordered my strip down rig - I’m still in love with it! My QH gelding is a very sensitive and hard saddle fit and this is one saddle he’s never complained about! Can’t wait until our kids are old enough that we can order some kid saddles, we are Corriente customers for life.
Kate Schreiber
It took me a while to write my review but after riding my saddle for about 4 month I feel good and can say that Corriente Saddles are outstanding. The price is unbeatable and the quality is as good as any $2000 saddle. Customer service was one of the best. The lady on the phone was very helpful and knowledgeable. I thought I need a 15 seat but she asked a few question and told me I should go with a 14.5 seat. I did and I cant thank her enough. I stopped riding in 2009 because of personal reason and in December 2018 I got the urge to ride again. I first pushed it away because I thought I wasnt ready. I found Twisted Oak Ranch in GA and Melanie took my fear. In the past I just rode trails nothing really big. So here I am enjoying Barrels and Poles since last year December in my Corriente Saddle.
Nora Anna
My corriente is an older trophy saddle form 2004 and its so comfortable and in great condition! they hold up great!!
Whenever someone asks me what saddle I ride in, I ALWAYS let them know it's a Corriente. You won't beat the quality and durability of these saddles as well as the comfort. I ride multiple horses each day and I can depend on my Corriente to withstand the test of time. I own 2 barrel saddles and have gotten many of my barrel racing friends hooked on the brand after they take a ride in mine. I will forever ride the brand!
Barrett Cawley
My Corriente Steer Wrestling saddle fits my bull doggin horse AND my riding steers. Please check out Gus The Brahman on FB and IG.
Dan Welsh